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Bring Them Home, NOW
(bumper sticker on my car)

A woman stopped me
as I got out of my car
in the parking lot.
Told me she was following me.
“What did I do?”
I queried.
It’s your bumper sticker.
I just have to have one.”

Luckily, I had another one.
I handed it to her
and asked did she have
a child in high school.
“My son’s a Marine!”
she replied proudly
then applied the
“Bring Them Home, Now” sticker
to the back of her car
above her red
“My Son’s A Marine” sticker.

She confided that
he is on his second tour
of duty in Iraq.
“They wouldn’t let him out.
He had to buy equipment
with his own money.
I don’t think he’d like this sticker
but I want him home”

Sometimes when I read the news
I cry for our troops lost.
They are all our kids,
aren’t they?
But now, after hugging
that Marine’s Mom
in the parking lot,
when I reach for the paper,
I know what it is
not to breathe.



Copyright 2004 Arlyn Serber