*** *** ***


Mention taxes and hear the groans
great big sighs of resistance
But the days of ‘spend and deficit’
will bring our doom
Our children now
are born into our debt
We cannot promise them
good schools, safe neighborhoods
good jobs in their future
clean air, pure water, pristine parks
the best health care

It’s time to stop the downward slide
It’s time to be proper parents
to the legacy we leave
invest in the schools
in the roads, in the levees
in the air we all breath
the air we share, both rich and poor
the air that now gives our children asthma

It’s time to turn our thinking
from petty slogans of greed
and invest together in the strength
of our communities
in infrastructures that will sustain us

Oh, yes, it is time
Time to invest in our children
Time to invest in our future
Time to invest in California
Time to invest in America


Copyright 2006