*** *** ***


Now down is up
and up is down
all the little birds
have heard this song
so many times
it can’t be wrong

Their little TVs
chirped out the word
I wonder which way
they’ll choose to fly
now the sky’s the ground
the ground’s the sky

wisdom can’t be beat
their wings flutter
straight to the ground
they bang their beaks
with a terrible sound

High in the clouds
they peck for worms
‘cause that’s where they crawl
or so they say
but come back hungry
to the nest each day

They are so convinced
that in is out
if you try to reason
you’ll hear their cries
“I don’t want to hear
your treacherous lies”

“If you don’t shut up
I’ll peck out your eyes”
So I stay silent
I shake with dread
as they fly toward Earth
and bash their heads


Copyright 2006