*** *** ***


I could not find
a reason to get up
so descended once again
into sleep disturbed
by dreaded dreams
You invited me
to wake
put your arms
around my shoulders
lifted me
I wasn’t sure it was you
because you wore
a flannel
red plaid shirt
not your style
not your color
But then I saw your sister
walk in the door
all smiles
and your red hair
I opened my eyes
You both were gone
but I got up
and went for a walk
around the lake

I remember you called me back
once before
when you were seven
I’d flown to the other side
marveled at the beauty
of the rainbow tree
I sailed above
I floated on the edge
of fields with grass so green
so calm
I debated if I ever
wanted to go back
I knew I could stay
on the other side
Then your little hand
tugged at my clothes
I felt you at my side and knew
what choice I had to make

I just saw a fish
jump above the lake
then splash back
into the water
I’ll stay awake
to see if it will jump again



Copyright 2006