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On SB 840

For profit healthcare
doesn’t work
Those who need it
can’t get covered
or are charged more
than 46 million Americans
can pay

Corporate tyrants
sit in little cubicles
and suck up your dollars
on ways not to let you collect
They set the rules that limit doctors
from prescribing what they think best
dictate how long your doctor spends with you
Even though they have
never been to Med School
they deem which test and treatments
they will pay for as well as
how long you stay in the hospital
25% of your medical dollar
(and sometimes more)
goes to these administrative moles
that poke their dictatorial heads up
between you and your doctor

The insurance companies
now profiting in billions
pay for those ads on TV
that tell you
Single Payer Health Care
will cost too much
And Arnold’s veto
didn’t come cheap


Copyright 2006