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My brother calls me from Ohio.
He doesn't say, "Hello."
He says,
"You tell Kerry..."
I sent him a bumper sticker
so now he thinks
I have John Kerry's ear.
"You tell Kerry,"
he shouts
"to get out there
and say what's going on here in Ohio!"
This is my non-political brother,
the one who'd rather watch a tennis match
than a convention speech.
"You tell him
in this school district
1000 teachers have been laid off.
Teachers have to teach
three grades at once.
We have PAY to PLAY,"
he sputters in exasperation
"That means, you have to Pay
to have your kid play sports at school.
What's next,"
he shouts,
"Ante up for Art?
Extortion for English?
Money for Math?
Addition, $200, Subtraction, $200, Algebra, $500
Tax cut received less school bond levy just passed-
It adds up to a big minus for Ohioans.
Are you getting this?"
he commands.
"Yes, yes,
I'm writing it down."
"I want Kerry to say:
the ‘Big Government' that Bush has cut
is my kids' education.
You tell Kerry!"
"Okay, Dear,"
I try to soothe,
"Do you want me to send you a button?"


Copyright 2004 Arlyn Serber