*** *** ***


Picture an early man
(yes, much like Fred Flintstone)
some millenniums ago.
He’s schlepping the carcass
of some now extinct animal
back to his cave for lunch.
He takes a break,
sits on a boulder and ponders,
“I bet this rock could roll!”

His buddies laugh,
“What would you do with
a rolling stone? Har har!”
They pick up their spears
and lumber home.
He rushes after them.
After all, he’s hungry and remember
there were no McDonalds in his neighborhood
in those days.

But while they all draw stick figures
on the walls that night
(no TV, remember)
he persists in his contemplation.
And now you sit at the wheel
with all the other cars stuck on the freeway.
You’re counting on inquisitive minds
to perfect a hybrid, electric,
or solar vehicle soon.

Times have changed somewhat.
The modern day “Fred”
draws his designs with a mouse
at his computer while his contemporaries
laugh at the idea of a moving seat
in a moving car, har, har.
But for a happy ending
as well as a 5 star safety rating, I predict
soon you will sit on that seat.

(Sorry, it won’t clear up the freeway traffic,
but at least you’ll sit there in comfort.)



Copyright 2009