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Nine years since we said “Goodbye”
It seems like yesterday
It seems like yesterday
when I was three years old
hanging upside down
on the clothes line post
admiring my classy Mom
from any angle

You and Dad
would drop me off at Grandma’s
and go dancing
I’d pout
But when I was a teen
you taught me to dance
then I’d go off
(not always keeping curfew)

When you became a Grandma
we’d call you every Sunday
from California
to say “Hello”
When cell phones became the thing
you laughed at us
with our new gadgets
But then you got one too

As I grow older
I have a different perspective
My memories
may be of seeing you
from a youngster’s eyes
but now I feel
more like a friend
who sits beside you
and sees how you saw the world
We nod together in understanding
seeing the rain
and the rainbow



Copyright 2007