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I am rich
I have everything I need
That is what a rich person is
I have a home
Okay, I rent, but my landlord is nice
She fixed the heater and didn’t raise the rent
I have a TV, a DVD player, an ibook
My car just got four new tires
My parents have their health
My children went to good colleges
thanks to scholarships, student loans
and grandparents
I have dear friends
I have an incredible family
that I adore, that love me back
I look out my window and see trees
I take a ride up Mt Tam
to be mesmerized by our Bay view
Yes, I am rich

Like 80% of hard working Americans
I didn’t get much of a tax cut
Those who got the big tax cuts
are the wealthy
let’s call them the Elite
George calls them his base
They are not the rich
because I am rich
I sent Howard Dean 25 dollars
I sent John Kerry 25 dollars
I sent 25 dollars
because I believe that we, the people
rich in so many ways
can take our country back


Copyright 2004 Arlyn Serber