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So the headline said but
I think it was really 20,000 at the rally
teachers, nurses, firefighters.
It was hot in Sacramento,
the weather, I mean
and yelling
“Hey, hey, ho, ho
Schwarzenegger’s got to go!”
got us sweaty.
I took a break
on a bench in the shade.
A five-year old girl
plopped down next to me
“Are you a teacher?” I asked
She shook her head, “No.”
“But she’s going to be -
a kindergarten teacher like me,”
said her proud mom
standing nearby.
“Mommy’s going to teach the boys
and I’m going to teach the girls,”
Elizabeth piped up enthusiastically.
“Because the boys are more trouble?” I asked.
To disprove such a sexist notion
she went on to tell me that her friend
had to put her head down
because she kicked someone.
“Hmm,” I looked at mom.
“Maybe Arnold should put his head down.”



Copyright 2005 Arlyn Serber