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A trip to Cleveland.
A visit with family and old friends,
(Yes, we’re old now!)
Dad takes me to the cemetery
to say “Hello” to Mom.
“Hi, Mom,” I say as I put
a stone on her headstone
I’m there to give her
all the California news.
“Those Great Grand Kids
are adorable!” she says.
“And they sure love their toy cars.”
“How do you know that? I ask
“Well, “ she replies,
“You know how I love to travel.
These wings they gave me
take me everywhere.
You have no idea
how many Sky-Angel Miles
I have accumulated.
And I don’t have to travel alone.”
I look up and notice
Lester’s, Naomi’s and Bennett’s graves
a couple of rows away
Yep, as I suspected
they were not about to sit around
waiting for a once a year visit.
So many times
I’ve heard Mom’s laugh
seen her hug my Grandsons,
but, I thought it was a dream.
Then I stroll past Harry and Fanny
and their son, Joe, who died
in World War II
I find my Dad’s Mom
“Hi, Grandma.”
Then I hurry back to Dad
who’s already sitting in the car.
“Goodbye,” I say to them all.
“Oh, Mom,
I miss you.”



Copyright 2007