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Dear Readers,

I received the letter that follows regarding Northern California IBD Camp for children with IBD. I know how much this camp experience means to these children. I applaud the wonderful volunteers that make it possible. Your donation will help make this happen. Please read the letter and send donations to IBD CAMP FUND. Thank you for your generosity and supporting a cause dear to my heart.

Here is the letter with the information on the Northern California IBD Camp:

For the past four years, children in Northern California with IBD had a special place to play together, and feel free to just be themselves. Last year, 60 kids attended the camp in Livermore at Camp Arroyo, and over 30 counselors volunteered their time. This year, we hope to have up to 100 campers.

The founders have united to provide the kind of camp experience our campers deserve and need. Mel Heyman, M.D. will be back as Medical Director with his nurses, Betsy and Laura. Carol Gerstein, her husband Marvin and Rachel Isip are coordinating efforts to set up camp as they have done in previous years. Barry Vigon, who was Camp Director for the first three years, has agreed to come back at the request of the campers and counselors. Camp is scheduled from June 12th through June 17th at Camp Arroyo.

We need your financial support. Mel has set up a camp fund at UCSF with all proceeds going to help cover camp expenses so contributions will be tax deductible. Elaine Taylor of the Taylor Family Foundation has donated the camp, and is helping in other ways to make it possible for all campers to attend completely free of charge. We need to raise some money to cover some basic administrative costs for mailings, camp director's salary, and some essential camp supplies. We would be most grateful for any contributions.

Checks can be made out to IBD Camp, and mailed to Dr. Heyman at:

Mel Heyman, M.D.
Pediatric IBD Program, IBD Camp Fund
500 Parnassus Ave., MU 4-East, Room 406
University of California, San Francisco, Box 0136
San Francisco, CA 94143-0136